It can be easy to feel isolated when you don’t have access to learning and opportunities, and support and a growth mindset to access the new digital world.

When we interviewed over 100 young South African women, we realised they feel isolated. They don’t have access (i.e. data and wifi) to learning and opportunities, and they lack support (i.e. mentors) and a growth mindset to access the new digital world.

We have realised that without these tools womxn will not be able to climb, to grow and thrive and build the resilience, growth mindset and courage to climb personally and professionally within the current patriarchal system.

Khwela Womxn equips women with opportunities for experiential learning, credible education, financial growth and access to safe peer-mentorship spaces (sisterhood circles), so that they can shift their mindsets and elevate themselves personally and professionally. We leverage technology to reach womxn who may otherwise lack access.

Transformational Learning Journey - The Course

We will help you develop the mindset of a great leader.

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Course Outcomes

You will get instant access to 15 hours of video lessons, templates, 24/7 email support and feedback. After this course you'll be able to...

  • Stand out confidently in a male-dominated workspace

  • Show up for yourself to unlock new opportunities

  • Solve Problems using creative problem-solving techniques

  • Communicate to build strong relationships


“Through the Transformational Learning Journey, I've learned the importance of showing up. I've also met wonderful and fantastic women who have become Sisters, in a circle where it's a safe space and I'm able to belong.”


Additional Free resources

By participating in the Transformation Learning Journey you will have access to great resources, including:

  • Sisterhood Circle Access

    A sisterhood circle is a safe space to connect to womxn in your community and beyond. In these virtual spaces, we make time for peer-to-peer learning, making connections to mentors and creating opportunities and once in a lifetime experiences

  • Learning on the Go with Alora

    Alora is a virtual mentor that is designed to help womxn grow into the womxn they have always wanted to be. Learn more about mindset, personal growth and even how to start a side-hustle! When chatting with Alora, you’ll learn how to set purposeful goals, how to find a mentor or a coach, how to deal with rejection, how to manage your time more effectively, and SO MUCH MORE!


Asanda Daraza


Asanda is originally from the Eastern Cape and has been in Cape Town for 6 years now. She co-founded Khwela Womxn in 2018 with Kim Whitaker, following her passion for travel and womxn empowerment. Growing up in the rural Eastern Cape was not an easy ride for her as she didn't have access to many opportunities, support, and information needed for one to succeed in life. After graduating with her Bachelor in Social Work, she got exposed to the Tourism industry where she fell in love with serving and meeting new people. She learned that travel is truly transformative, as it broadens one's mind. Asanda's goal is to continue living her passion of empowering herself through meeting and empowering new womxn from different backgrounds, who are in search of self-growth in every aspect of their lives and becoming change agents in their communities in the process.


  • How long does the Transformational Learning Journey take to complete?

    Once you have signed up you will have access to the full 12 months content so you can work through this at your own pace, however, to get the most out of this journey we recommend following the course with one module monthly and joining the monthly circle to discuss each module/topic with your peers.

  • Will I receive a certification?

    The Transformational learning journey is about equipping you with the real actionable tools you need to develop your leadership tool kit; it is not about theoretical accreditation, but rather about gaining access to opportunities. However all participants that complete all 12 of the modules and assignments and attend at least 11 circles will receive: - A Khwela Certificate in transformational leadership A Recommendation letter A feature on Khwela Website (optional) Endorsed on LinkedIn by Khwela Womxn (optional)

  • Do I need a computer and internet connection to complete this course?

    You will need to access the internet for 2 hours per module to access the content, videos, and downloadable resources. The monthly sisterhood circle takes place on whatsapp video call.